Real Flight Simulator Now In Dubai!

Special For DXB24 Magazine…

The Company Dream Aero has the honour to inform you about the Grand Opening of the Real Full Motion Flight Simulator, similar to Boeing-737NG located in Festival City Mall.

The Dream Aero Company was founded in 2012 in St. Petersburg and brings together an international team of professionals in Russia, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and China in the field of entertainment services.

Visitors get into the exact copy of the cockpit of the Boeing 737NG. They have the opportunity to take the pilot’s seat and to feel like the aircraft captain. Simulation of flights in the difficult weather conditions or modelling of the non-standard situations can be possible for our trained guests.

Our flight simulators can be used not only for active families, organization of corporate events. With our help, you can effectively deal with such a common phenomenon as Aerophobia. Such kind of air simulators allows more and more people to enjoy not only virtual air flights, but also the real ones.

In the near future the company plans to open several more flight simulators. Also, work is currently under way to develop the network in North America (USA) and in the Asia-Pacific region (China and Malaysia). These directions are chosen as the fastest growing and rapidly developing in the economic and technological sectors, which include megapolises of the world importance, which have the entire infrastructure for doing business of the Russian company.

The key to Dream Aero’s success is the long-term experience in the service market, the use of innovative equipment and software, a professional international team, cooperation and partnership with key organizations.

For more information of partnership with Dream Aero we would requesting you to send us email on or to contact us on phone: 04 224 99 87

Please take a quick look at the following link of our video

to learn about our concept and service.

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