Barbie Doll Appears for at International Kite Festival in Dubai

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 January 2019, Dubai.

UAE’s most popular online shopping company SHOPINC.COM hosted 2nd International Kite Festival at Mamzar Beach in Dubai that was attended by more than 5000 kite lovers and their families. The festival was marked by tremendous amount of positive vibes amongst the people who witnessed full day of kite flying fun followed by chance to see SHOPINC guest of honour Diana Al Nabulsi – the official title holder of Barbie doll of the Arab world.

تتطلب عرض الشرائح هذه للجافا سكريبت.

People at the kite festival were taken by surprise when Ms Diana Al Nabulsi – The Brand Ambassador of SHOPINC.COM appeared in an attire of the barbie doll thus leaving the spectators overwhelmed

تتطلب عرض الشرائح هذه للجافا سكريبت.

with her style and panache.

Speaking at the kite festival press conference Managing Director Rahul Duragkar – SHOPINC.COM said “ We are committed to deliver online value at the customer doorstep in the most efficient manner by

offering freehome deivery, flat and honest discounts all throughout the year and highest quality of original and authentic range of products to our online shoppers.

SHOPINC.COM is a vibrant young online shopping website that is exclusively made to cater to the newer and smart generation who believes in hassel free online shopping with transparent value offers. Having Diana Al Nabulsi – UAE’s influencer and a youth icon as the brand ambassador of SHOPINC.COM is a step towards establishing SHOPINC as a top class young and energetic brand for the people of UAE.


Aboust Us. is an E-commerce retail leader offering best Quality products of Top brands at “NEVER HEARD BEFORE” prices across categories namely – Supermarket, Grocery, Fashion, and Electronics.

Driven through exceptional user experience and excellent product range to choose from, SHOPINC.COM values shopper’s time worldwide by offering time-centric logistics with convenient payment options available across the globe. SHOPINC is a pioneer in trending online shopping experience thus standing tall with the strongest consumer affinity and brand loyalty in the industry. is a part of the EMITECH Group which is ranked among top 20 Customer centric conglomerates in the region.

We are part of Emitech Group located at 109, Garhoud Star Building, AL Garhoud, Dubai-UAE ,PO Box no.126340,TelNo.+97142641051 Fax:+97142504089

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