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April, 2019 – Dubai: Author, business mentor and personal stylist to celebrities and royals, Kelly Lundberg in collaboration with The College of Fashion and Design Dubai, will be offering exclusive two-day short course in the ‘Art Of Personal Styling’ on May 3rd and May 4th at CFD.

This course is designed to help develop a deeper understanding of personal styling while learning techniques that can be applied to styling clients. The two-day intensive course, priced at AED4,500, is ideal for those looking to start their career in personal styling or those who want to just hone their skills.

Course modules will include topics such as a history of fashion styling; definition of body shapes; wardrobe management; creative colour module and practical personal styling session and much more. During the two day course, Kelly Lundberg will also share her success story of building a fashion styling business in Dubai.

Kelly Lundberg knows what it takes to create a business with style and substance that changes lives. She launched her personal styling business in Dubai at the age of 24 and was given her first entrepreneurship award after 18 months in business. Today, she runs an international styling agency that has completely transformed the lives of her clients.

Kelly’s clients include royalty, celebrities and she has been featured in magazines and on television across the globe. She has worked with society and business elite, not only in Dubai but all over the world. An author and public speaker, Kelly empowers people with self-confidence and she has also created an additional business to help those who want to be stylists create the business of their dreams.

To learn more about CFD short courses or book ‘Art of Personal Styling’ course by Kelly Lundberg contact Tel: +9714 563 7777

The College Of Fashion and Design, Dubai:

Conveniently located in Business Bay, Dubai, CFD students are able to enjoy a vibrant fashion and cultural environment in a safe and multicultural city. It is the only accredited fashion and design educational institute offering Bachelor’s degree in fashion and design.

CFD faculty are highly skilled professionals with solid theoretical backgrounds and compelling research interests. Their years of experience are shared with the students through the use of hands-on practical exercises and industry-based projects. “We provide opportunities for students to have real-life experiences in the fashion and design industry. We collaborate with local and international industry leaders to provide an education that is relevant to the fashion design business, today!” Haifa Al Anjari, Dean. Collaborations with local designers, participation in fashion events and an embedded internship program ensure that all CFD graduates gain valuable real-world skills leading to diverse career options.

CFD offers a comprehensive curriculum covering both creative Fashion and Design skills along with the essential Business and Communication skills necessary to be successful in the competitive world of fashion. Students are able to complete a 2 Year Diploma in Fashion and Design and continue seamlessly for a further 2 years to complete a well-recognized Bachelor degree in Fashion Design or in Fashion Business Management.

CFD is well-equipped with professional-quality fashion and innovation labs containing industrial sewing machines, ironing machines, a 3D printer, a laser cutter and an embroidery machine. A computer lab with MAC computers for digital design and a full-service Nikon photography lab are available for students to develop their skills. The CFD library boasts an exciting collection of Fashion and Business books, magazines, and films as well as access to three comprehensive databases of online resources.

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