CFD Fashion Bytes June Issue

Special For DXB 24 Magazine…

his issue of Fashion Bytes marks a new and exciting chapter for CFD-Dubai. As a young, dynamic, and progressive college, CFD’s mission is to support its students in building a well-rounded profile by the time they graduate. Fashion Bytes is a platform for us to start putting our names on the map. From writing about our aspirations to showing our work, we have the opportunity to promote and design our own digital fingerprint. This magazine is not only about what is taking place within CFD but also about fashion globally and upcoming trends. This magazine will, therefore, feature news, designers’ interviews, trending forecasts, and much more.

CFD Fashion Bytes Team


Mission Mozambique

The Royal Gala
unnamed (1).png

Virgin Radio Competition
unnamed (1)


Dior – Melody
unnamed (2)

Sacoor Brothers – Mazyar Etehadi
unnamed (2).jpg


Break into fashion – Jessica Galeano
unnamed (3).jpg

Cut a high-flying career in fashion

unnamed (4)


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