Special For DXB24…

No one loves a few days in the sand and sun more than designer Michael Kors.
MK Beach Club products are inspired by the glamour and luxury of the world’s premier
destinations, including a few of Michael’s favorite places: St. Tropez, Tamarama,
Malibu, Phuket, Búzios, and Capri.

A laid-back silhouette with glamorous charm, the MK Beach Club crewneck pullover is
knit from Italian cotton and cashmere and features our MK Beach Club logo and
destination of choice. Its lightweight warmth makes it a must-pack, ideal for travel days
and cool nights by the sea. Slip it on with jeans or trousers for a subtle nod to the
season’s global getaway mood.

The top-handle totes, available in an array of sorbet hues, feature contrasting white trim
and are detailed with lush, textured lettering created using a tufting technique. Spacious
enough to fit a towel (like our MK Beach Club cotton and cashmere towel) and a bathing
suit, they’re the perfect carryall from plane to beach and back again.

“When you have to carry your things every day, why shouldn’t your handbag make you
smile?” says Kors.


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