King’s Ups its Shoe Game

Special For DXB24 Magazine…

• Introduces a new range of Custom Handcrafted Golf shoes for Men

• The Softspikes Cleats Technology delivers maximum comfort and performance via a 16-component design that reacts to every angle of force exerted by the golfer during the game

11th September, 2019- Dubai, United Arab Emirates: King’s today introduced a new range of Golf footwear for men at the newly launched store at Gate Avenue, Dubai International Financial Centre. Priced at 1540 AED, the footwear is prudent for a Golf player to protect the turf from damage during the game.

Well-designed and made to order Golf shoes comes with removable softspikes attachments allow the players to avoid damaging the green while maintaining the right level of the posture and play.

The cleats on the sole of golf shoes helps one keep their feet firmly grounded during the swing, a feature that is especially critical when playing in wet conditions.

Wearing shoes designed for golf makes navigating the up-and-down terrain of a golf course more manageable. Golf shoes provide adequate adhesion for most terrain.

These footwear provides lateral aid for the golf swing, keeping their feet firm and providing a robust base for the swing.

The ‘MADE TO ORDER’ section on King’s website ( provides a 3D experience in the customization process which the customer can choose reflecting their own contemporary style and fashion.

Footwear has waterproof materials and leather golf sole unit with removable softspikes attachments, Golf Men Dress range is the perfect choice for players who demand excellence and elegance on the field. From the classic Oxford style to the elegant Double Monk, all of King’s Men’s Dress shoe styles are also available as Golf Shoes.

Nilesh Karani, CEO, King’s explains, “With choices of colours in leathers and suedes; customers can get very creative in designing the shoe.

Additionally, we at King’s have options of sartorial fabrics and patent leather for someone who would like to bring flamboyance to their look on the course. These classic designs never run out of style. Moreover, the quality and make of shoes can last for years when they are taken care of by cleaning and polishing. These are handcrafted for the golfers, who demand excellence with elegance”.

Nilesh further adds, “We at King’s aim to provide an exceptional service to all our customer which further uplifts their shopping experience, bringing the new luxury and customised footwear to life through a focus on individuality, personalization and ease.”

A customised golf shoe typically takes 4-6 weeks in the making as it is especially handmade by the cobblers in Europe who have been passed the shoemaking skills down a generation.

About King’s Traders:
King’s Traders was established in 1965 by Mr. Hemchand Karani in Dubai. In 2017, King’s had commenced their operations in high-quality leather footwear for men, who appreciate excellent craftsmanship in Classic and Contemporary Shoe designs.

For more details, please visit –

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