Paul Kiefer preparing to sets off his first photography exhibition in Dubai

Special For DXB24 Magazine…

After Dubai gave him all the fame in the fashion world Paul Kiefer, who started his career as a professional dancer and then a model, he became a professional photographer today and distributed his intermediary Actually Dubai has made all people see his pictures in the streets and magazines after people have seen him in all fashion shows and because it is a city to achieve dreams already this city became the home of the son of the adventurer Hawaii From Dubai, all the international fashion designers have known him as well as the biggest fashion companies around the world.


That is why Dubai was the beginning of the road to his dream of being a professional photographer. He was very passionate about photography because It is very close to his personality and the pictures he takes to appear in major magazines and newspapers in Dubai.

since Dubai is a city for dream achievement, he could make it.


Hence LVD found himself in kicks off to the whole world The fact that Dubai is the best city in tourism in the Middle East He became well known in Europe and Asia on both sides. In Dubai, you can share your work with the whole world because there are more than 200 different nationalities, all of them live with each other in a wonderful way so you can take this advantage to share their related photography expectation in terms of customs, traditions, and culture. He has stated “My big dream is to do an art exhibition for all my photos because I think I have a different look in photography and a distinctive style and I think people will love that and I always look for the best and make the picture talk its story.


As I do not use filters or Photoshop, rarely I do that because I love natural images that carrying messages bigger than producing images. Photography is fun, it is close to my personality true I love the constant change I love adventures as well I like climbing mountains for example, I like the nature in general and recently I started social media accounts to convey all those wonderful adventures, nature pictures and these amazing people to the world.

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